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Cyth by SparkyCat013
Another lovely piece of work from my friend, SunsetSakuraChan of my character Cyth on Feral-Heart! <3

(c)enderdragonx010 (SunsetSakuraChan)
I have received permission from the artist to submit this art on my account. Do not steal this~
Lostgaze by SunsetSakuraChan by SparkyCat013
Lostgaze by SunsetSakuraChan
A lovely piece of work by my friend Sakura of my character Lostgaze. I love it so much~ Thank you again for creating this.

(c)enderdragonx010 (SunsetSakuraChan)
I have received permission from the artist to submit this art on my account. Do not steal this~
Lostgaze by SparkyCat013
My warrior cat OC on Feral-Heart~

Name~ Lostgaze
Age~ 36 moons
Gender~ Male
Scent~ Hydrangeas and Vanilla
Breed~ Ragdoll
Personality~ Lostgaze is a silent cat that doesn't really talk. No one knows why he doesn't talk. He's very anti-social and prefers to complete his tasks quickly and quietly. Which results in him not having a lot of friends within the clan. His loyalty is unquestionable and he will protect his clan with his life. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his clan if they asked it of him. In a fight, he uses his small frame and quick movements to evade attacks. Lost always strikes when you least expect it, so if you aren't paying attention you're gonna get a scar.
Bio~ Lostgaze's parents were known as the quietest in the clan. They mostly talked to one another and fulfilled their tasks silently. Their pelts were a bit lighter than his, and they were a little bigger than he is. He most resembles his mother, but he inherited his father's eyes. During one of the wars, his parents mysteriously disappeared and haven't been seen since. It was strange for them to suddenly disappear in the middle of the war, and some clan mates even questioned their loyalty. Lost looked for them but couldn't find them either. He did follow their scents farther out than any of his clan mates could.
Sexuality~ Homosexual
Mate~ None
Ekene by SparkyCat013
A beautiful new char is born! Ekene, a mix between a Puma and an Akita Inu~

Age~ 3 years
Gender~ Male
Species~ Akita Inu/Puma
Scent~ Cinnamon Rolls
Personality~ Ekene is only loyal to his friends and would never dream of abandoning them. Friends to him are like treasure, and he would risk life and limb to save them. He is very kind and rarely ever gets mad. When he does get mad, his anger is like a blizzard, cold and harsh. In a fight, he always keeps a cool head and uses his small size to his advantage. Rarely does he ever show emotions in battle and when he does it's only if his friends are involved. He has power behind his sturdy frame and isn't easily knocked down. Ekene would never dare back down unless there was a damn good reason to.
Bio~ Ekene is the result you get from mixing an Akita Inu and a Puma. He was genetically modified in a strange place and was only able to escape after a year of captivity. The captors had gotten lax from his good behavior and slipped up. It's not something he likes to talk about and isn't something that should ever be brought up unless he brings it up first. His senses are abnormally heightened as well as his intelligence. Ekene is smarter than your average animal and isn't to be trifled with. When he gets injured, the injury heals up a little faster than normal and never leaves behind a scar. During the healing process, the wound will have a soft, golden glow around it as if it has it's  own little shield. For some reason, his fur is really soft too. It's the softest thing you will ever feel in your life.
Sexuality~ Heterosexual
Mate~ None
Victory by SparkyCat013
It was so hard to get up there, you have no idea. >~<
Does anyone know how to title a story you've made on DA? I checked Youtube and they didn't have anything. O_O Help?


SparkyCat013's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Call me Sparky, Rose, Red, Mon, whatever suits your fancy.
Age: Classified
Personality: I'm a very fun and energetic girl on certain days which means I leave my friends in the dust. My fun and wild side are two different things, wild means I just go all out crazy and random. When push comes to shove you better believe I'll be shoving. Normally I can be laid back and calm unless I get bored. Then I'll just sigh a lot and glance around often.
Favorite Sites:
And of course DA.
Favorite Book(s):
Percy Jackson Series!

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kymyit Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the fav ^^
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2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I thank you for faving my fan fiction, but it's going to be deleted soon. 
I'm going to be making a remake of it. :D
It'll have a more interesting beginning!
SparkyCat013 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014

O_O Eh?...Oh crap! I better get reading it then before you delete it and redo it. :D It's a race against the clock I guess. No problem.

2Pengu4U Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, you got until Spring. x,D
I'm in college, so it'll take a while.
SparkyCat013 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Thanks for the warning. ^^ Good luck with college.
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